Not working with Garmin Zumo XT

Bibi1 Comment


My iPhone is connected to the Garmin Zumo XT, and the Headset ist connected to the Zumo.
It’s possible to hear the Navi-Instructions from the Zumo, accept incoming calls and listen to music from the iPhone.
But unfortunately Audio and Mic for HelmChat is not working via the Zumo.
Is it possible to handle the HemChat like a phonecall that it‘s possible to use it via the Navi?

And another question: there is no possibility to mute/unmute the mic in the app. Or it‘s not working?

Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Bibi,

    Good question, but I do not have a direct answer. It seems that the Garmin somehow does not correctly interpret the VOIP call as a phone call and passed it through to your Zumo.

    Does a VOIP chat like Signal or Whatsapp work?