Mute toggle

JohnK4 Comments


I was testing out the app and when everyone joins, the channel is open where we can here everyone. If I mute everyone (including myself) how do I unmute myself? I’m using an iPhone 13pro and can’t seem to find the toggle botton.

  • Currently there isn't an option to mute yourself from the app (eg. disable the microphone). The voice channel is always open.

    Is it something that would work for you if you could mute yourself from the app? Using your phone during driving isn't safely possible I always assumed.

  • Alfista

    Hi, an interesting function would be the possibility of combining the entrance to the room with an intercom key and the exit with the same manual key by typing it twice or holding it down for longer. Or you could foresee the direct call as for the telephone calls to all .... maybe the person making the call must hold down an intercom button for a long time (obviously combining the button first). If you cannot match an intercom key, you could use a bluetooth key of the cheap ones that are used to activate the phone's camera remotely. in short, a solution should be found to use helmet Chat only if necessary in a way (perhaps for group indications) also because for example I like to listen to music and only when we have to do group communications it would be nice to quickly activate communication to everyone.