First try, fist fail …

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Yesterday I was on the road with 2 other drivers and we wanted to try HelmChat. We used 2 Android smartphones and one IPhone. The first connection was ok and we could talk to each other. But during the ride, the iPhone user goes out because he found the noise level too loud. After couple of minutes broke partially the connection to the other Android user as well. I could hear him, but he could not hear me. The automatic reconnect did not work. For this reason we gave up the first attempt after a few kilometers. During the whole time the network availability was very good (4G, all bars on the scale). On the next trip we will try it again…

One question. The Android app hast two (advanced) settings :

– “Disable native call integration” (germ. “Native Anrufintegration deaktivieren”) – what effect does this setting have ?
– “Disable end-to-end mode” (germ. “Ende-zu-Ende Modus deaktivieren) – is this for disabling end-to-end encryption ?

Thanks in advance, Raphael